Derb Zaouiat Lahdar, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco, Marrakesh. Photo: Hannah Busing/unsplash

Facilitating policymaking in the Arab region

through dynamic simulators of international indices

Young man in Cairo. Photo: Craig Boudreaux/unsplash
Improving policymaking effectiveness

Many Arab countries face difficulties in collecting and producing information about the state of the economy. More coherence is needed within and across priorities and a broader national commitment towards implementation of reforms.

The Index Simulator for Policymakers in the Arab Region (ISPAR) serves as an easy-to-use tool to test the potential impact of specific policies on national ranking against selected international indicators.

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Using international indices

ESCWA supports member States in streamlining economic planning and coordination across ministries and partners, and acts as regional policy advisor on the use of international indices for developing effective and transformational policies.

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